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Digital Retinal Camera


As we aim to provide an evermore detailed and comprehensive eye examination we now have the latest technology to photograph the retina (back of the eye).


The camera will allow us to detect signs of glaucoma, monitor conditions such as diabetes and screen for any changes in macular degeneration. We are more able to accurately monitor most eye conditions from an early stage over successive visits with the images stored on computer.


This simple but important procedure can be carried out during your eye examination or as a separate check.


As this service is not covered by the standard sight test fee a charge of only 12 will be applicable to cover costs.


Should you wish to take advantage of this service please contact us or mention it at the time of your examination.


Images from our digital retinal camera (click on image to enlarge) :
Digital Retinal Camera Glaucoma Image
Digital Retinal Camera Macula Haemorrhage Image
Digital Retinal Camera Diabetic Retinopathy Image
Macula Haemorrhage
Diabetic Retinopathy