Visual Stress

Do you misread words? Does the page appear to flash or flicker?

Research suggests that up to 20% of the population experience difficulty or discomfort when viewing certain patterns which can include a page of print. The words may appear to move, wobble, or flicker; or perhaps the page may appear too bright or the words too close together. This can be helped by introducing colour. This is known as pattern glare, Meares-Irlen Syndrome or Visual Stress. It can cause people to skip words or lines when reading, or create problems such as eyestrain or headache and can be more common in people who suffer with dyslexia, migraine, photosensitive epilepsy or those that have had a stroke. At Gorseinon Eye Centre we have screening software developed by Professor Thomson that can provide a solution for diagnosing and managing the condition. If the tests suggest that you may benefit from colour,we provide a wide range of solutions for managing the condition including Coloured overlays, Coloured Clip-Ons, and bespoke Coloured lenses at a very reasonable price.

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